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Product Designer / UX Designer


I'm a UX/Product Designer in San Francisco.

For the last two years, I've been working at Apple in Cupertino, leading design on some very impactful and exciting products. Unfortunately I can't share any details, mocks, or screenshots with you. I can say that the products I'm working on will change lives for the better, and that's my end goal, after all.

In the meantime, you can take a look at my full resume on Linkedin, view my pre-Apple portfolio work on Behance, stay up to date with my latest thoughts on Twitter, my more expanded thoughts on Medium, or keep scrolling to find out how I like to work.


I believe that the first step to problem solving is to understand, then define the problem.

In order to understand the probem I'm trying to solve, I use several different methods.

I'm well versed in gathering business requirements by talking to stakeholders, leaders, and owners of the project.

I'm also experienced in a variety of user research methods. I use carefully worded surveys to define the "what" of a problem. I use qualitative interviews to understand "why" the problem is happening, and how it is affecting the everyday lives of users.

I use card sorts for outlining the information architecture of a project, and I am constantly testing wording, interactions, and visuals on users to make sure the whole application flows well.


Once I have a good idea of the problem, I begin by outlining the major players within the application (or as some call it: writing user stories)

Extracting the major needs from the research, I identify pain points in existing process flows, and create new process flows for the main tasks required in the app.

I translate the processes for each user story into layouts and interactive wireframes, prioritizing the main use cases and tasks by making them visually prominent in the layout.

Throughout this process, I'm constantly communicating with stakeholders, Subject matter experts, developers, and most importantly, users. This ensures each part of the product is on track to be a success and that there are no road blocks in the technical implementation, usaibility, or business needs.

I love talking about systems, and since I have a background in coding, I understand a fair amount of data models and system architecture.


Whether I produce high fidelity mockups or make an interactive prototype first depends on who I'm working with. I typically establish at the beginning of a project what the deliverables should be and how the developer(s) would like to work.

After consulting and iterating on feedback, I develop a style guide, tweak any final UI animations and interactions, and cut the final assets.

If there are any major changes in the design from the wireframes, I test the design on users before handing off to the development team.


During the development phase, features can change due to unforseen factors. When something doesn't feel right, the developers and I get in a room and whiteboard a new solution.

After the product launch, I send out feedback surveys and talk to users and business parteners to measure the effectiveness of the new product or feature. From the feedback I receive, I start to generate ideas for new features, which I keep for the next iteration.

Rinse & Repeat.


I'm an INFJ. I like hiking, biking, playing music, and generally basking in the California sunshine. I'm fond of drinking red wine, and my favorite late night snack is licorice mint tea and dark chocolate. I care about people, a lot.

People tell me I'm passionate, organized, and thoughtful. They also tell me I care too much, and overthink sometimes. Eh, I'l take it.